Archery Tag

Twist and Shout's newest event service!

Archery Tag® is the ORIGINAL equipment brand for extreme archery that provides a fun and unique way for people of all ages to come together to enjoy archery.

It is a unique sport that combines elements of dodgeball and paintball with the timeless skills of archery. Players take aim at each other with arrows that have a soft, foam tip to score points or eliminate opposing team members.


And most importantly, we have you covered! Our referees will run your games and keep the party moving with a variety of challenges. We even provide a warm up area practice area with our Stick It Target. This target is great for players of all ages and abilities to learn the basics of target shooting, or just to have a great time. Our S.A.F.E. Archery® arrow disc tips stick to the target (the arrow falls softly away) for easy retrieval.


Check Out our newest service archery tag! Want to make it the ultimate event? Choose the Platinum Archery Tag Package which includes a balloon arch for each teams’ home base and Happy Birthday Signs to guide your guests to your event!

Games and Entertainment – Check

Decorations – Check

The Perfect Party – Check