Henna Tattoos

Add some fun to your next event with our talented henna tattoo artists! Henna tattoos are such a beautiful and expressive body art. It is a natural paste made from crushed leaves and twigs of the henna plant.

The paste is applied to the skin (just like writing with a marker) leaving an orange to dark maroon tint in the skin which fades away in 7 to 14 days. Our henna tattoo artists are available for events all over Southern California!  From small house parties to huge corporate events, henna art is a fun addition, especially those wanting to add that unique “wow” factor!

Our Henna tattoo artist are amazing at what they do and their designs will leave you awe of how great designs is printed on your skin. But don’t be afraid of this amazing experience because it is pain free and the henna tattoo is temporary, you will for sure be the coolest host by providing amazing creations and fun to the party! And don’t forget to add our airbrush and glitter tattoos which are colorful and easier to remove.